Dutch Design Consultancies

I am trying to track down some Design Consultancies in the Netherlands. I’ve gone through various Design Directories and collected a nice list.

I’d rather people on this forum would let me know of Dutch Design Consultancies that they
(1) know of,
(2) worked for,
(3) want to work for…

as they say, personal recommendations are always better.

Tanks in advance…!

Okay, but what do you want with the connection.

Get work
work for
go Intern

And what type of firm (graphics, architecture, Industrial design, soft goods) ?

from NL

There are this guys, from Studio Mango.
They are very cool, I work with them.
Good luck!

Philips Design, Eindhoven (They use Rhino too - I saw from your other post that you’re experienced with it)

there’s the Dutch Design week coming up as well… might be a good place to meet people

The Koss eissen sketch is full of Dutch design companies. I’m not going to list them all (there are about 15-20)but some that spring to mind of the top of my head are:

Flex innovation