Durable leather suitable for underwater? High end look?

Im trying to find a leather or synthetic similar that could be submerged underwater for 5 to 30 min periods after witch it would need to dry rapidly as well as not have an issue with mold of fungus.

Im trying to design a boat shoe luxurious enough to wear to the yacht club and rugged enough to launch a boat. Did i mention in most cases the shoe would be worn without a sock. This material doesn’t cover the entire shoe, but mainly around the toe cap as well as to be used as a support structure for the shoe.

Any ideas on the best choice? at first i thought alligator or crocodile, but even if they were the best its not quite the leather look im going for. Sperry Shoes seems to be the best as far as boat/dock shoes and their top of the line uses a dear skin for lining

There are some insane PU and PVC fake leathers out there.

Out there = Chinese/Taiwanese fabric markets.

I’m still not convinced they didn’t make bio-synthetic engineered cattle with plastic+leather skin to make some of the PU pleathers I’ve seen and felt. Even leaves the ‘wide scratch marks’ if you drag your fingernail across it.

Have a factory rep search for you, or to do it right, go there yourself and browse. If you’re serious about your project, you should give it a go.

well, i just graduated and its a shoe project im just working on potentially/hopefully for my portfolio. So, Im not in the position to head to china to check it out. I have ideas in mind of potential “leather looks” but i have no idea of their physical properties or really where i could even find realistic sample images.

I guess at this point im just looking for ideas on potential materials based on function of how i want them to perform and go with the best educated decision.

You might look up Stingray leather. I’m pretty sure the stuff’s waterproof, and it’s durable enough to be used in motorcycle gear. I’m not sure if there are a a ton of suppliers carrying it yet. A quick Google search brought up these guys:


Just a thought…