Durable black and dark grey stainless finishes

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out how to specify a dark grey and a black (separate) finish for a pair of stainless steel parts. The finish needs to be wear and abrasion resistant, and not compromise the corrosion resistance of the material.

I have done lots of reading online, and have been unable to get a conclusive answer.

Knife blades and watches seem to use this finish a lot, does anyone know what they are using?
Black: http://b2bimg.bridgat.com/files/Brand_New_Stainless_Steel_Pocket_440_Folding_Knife.jpg

Dark Grey: http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/GERBER-X03-Folding-Knife-Camping-Survival-Knife-Pocket-knives-440c-56HRC-Oxidation-black-Steel-Blade-Aluminium/604072167.html#

I have looked into powder coatings, but I don’t like them because a powder coated metal part no longer feels like metal, and the point of this design is to communicate quality by the presence of metal, not to disguise it.

PVD (ION plating) or DLC coating? We use that in watches quite a bit, and they seem to hold up to wear pretty well.

Black Oxide could be used for the black parts. I think it’s more often used in the “industrial” vs “consumer” side of things, but it can be a good looking, durable finish.

Thanks guys, I think one of these options is exactly what I am looking for.

PVD with a AlTiN coating especially looks like it makes a very nice dark grey.