Dumb Thing to Do

I left a job because of very, very poor fit. Lets leave it at that. Stuck out almost a year, previous designer was there only 4wks. Anyway, this is the sort of company where if you give two weeks notice they let you go on the spot.
I let them know why I was leaving in writing (dumb) now it is in personnel file I guess, but did not give two weeks

  • Did some cool stuff there, want to include on resume but no sure, due to afraid what they will say if employers check previous employers, Should I still leave it on resume since it was a recent position and did some good work there? Or do employers/recruiters only check references, so if not on ref. they won’t check?


ANY employer cannot legally say anything negative about a previous employee (basically). You can really only answer questions (or ask questions) with Yes and No answers.

Did this person work here? Y/N
Did they show up on time? Y/N


They can’t tell another company, Holy crap don’t hire them ever they totally screwed up everything we did! Only your references can do that…