dude, I got robbed today...

…looks like they jimmied the door lock and got my 13 x 19 epson, 17" flat panel, another pc and a couple of microtablets… and Passport! Luckily they didn’t mess with all the USB Hard drives and folio

advice? i welcome any, but my advice to the people of core-boards… homeowners insurance!!! so glad now

Well I didn’t get robbed but here’s my story:

One night I came in real late. I must have been real sleepy because when I woke up the next day, got ready to leave I couldn’t seem to find the keys to my apartment. I looked everywhere, the kitchen table, night stand and the floor. No luck.

Something said open the door to my apartment and check to see if the keys were outside the door. Well the keys were still in the lock of my apartment door. Scary to think that someone may have copied my key in the middle of the night.

I’m a girl too so that is really risky. I have been thinking about having the locks changed on my apartment but haven’t done it yet. Also, I would need to give the maintenance guy a copy of my key. That worries me too because this guy attempted to ask me out on a date and I turned him down in a subtle way. However, he has access to every apartment in the building. Funny, but I often find myself checking for weird holes in the walls. I believe it’s safe though.

That sucks you got robbed. I think I might move when my lease is up but the price and neighborhood is real good. However, I hate that constant tapping on my window pane from the shutters in the middle of the night. I complained but get no response. Things that make you go Hmmm.

Someone should start a blog about apartment stories.

Ouch man, that hurts. Well at least the work isn’t gone, so you can still get more work, make money and replace the hardware. I move a lot so I’m always careful when moving into a new place, make sure those pretty apple boxes with the big pictures of what’s in it aren’t sitting in the open so people can see what you have.
Be careful when you get packages also. When I first got my startup equipment when I began freelancing, computer, printer, monitor, etc… I was living in an unsavory neighborhood, and paying c.o.d. While I’m signing for the packages and giving him my money, he starts talking like “wow, $3000 worth of stuff, that’s gotta be some REAL expensive stuff you got going on there, that’s gotta be one bad ass computer, what you got, one of those expensive blah blah blah, that’s some top of the line stuff…you gonna be able to do anything with all this stuff…” and so on. Now this guy has one of those naturally loud announcer type voices, so I’m just like, man will you keep it down, advertising all of my business. I lived on the first floor too. Luckily I freelanced from home so was there most of the time so I didn’t really have to worry about breakins. Plus from what I’ve seen in my life, people normally don’t break into places in “bad neighborhoods”, you gotta be poor too, that’s why you’re there, so nothing to steal. That’s my theory anyway. Only people I’ve known that’ve ever been robbed, broken into, etc, have all lived in nice safe neighboorhoods.

I think they have apt insurance too, not quite sure on that. I think I should probably get some of that for certain.
Hopefully it won’t be too hard for you to replace your goods. Good luck to you, sorry for your misfortune.

My apartment got broken into and I got a lot of the same things stolen - laptop, digital camera, the works. The only thing they couldn’t take was my tablet - it was too big to fit in a backpack!

I had insurance and they covered all of it. I was real lucky…

thanks for the stories… (sort of) glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who’s had this happen, but sorry for the other losses. I posted so nobody could forget this kind of stuff happens - a real shock to see my office with just cables and no equipment. lock up and back up

at least the USB Hard Drives were there, and my folio… without thoose, #$(*&!! and I checked all the stuff I lost on Ebay for prices, and I might come out a little ahead with the insurance.

dude I sympathize.

went off on a chrissy holiday a few years back. i arrived home to find the front window frame, yes the whole frame, had been removed. the cops seemed to think that the thieves were shopping to a list. taylor made robbery. they also suspected that they were disturbed as they had left behind my washing basket full of CDs.

insurance covered it which was cool but i was pissed that they stole my brand spanking new drafting table, still in it’s packaging.

btw, the cops said to be on the look out for a return visit a few months later, just timed to steal the new stuff that the insurance money replaced.

again, bummed to hear.

really sucks, man!

my wife and i just got burgled in a “safe” neighborhood of brooklyn. someone came into our apt by fire escape, took one of our suitcases and filled it with small electronics (digi cams, ipod, etc). good timing too – just days before the holidays and our vacation abroad.

luckily, they didn’t take my external hard drive, which is filled to the brim with work and photos. time to archive!

homeowner’s/renter’s insurance is key. it seems lame to pay money in expectation of such an occurance, but it sure helps when you need it. also, try keep an inventory of your stuff in a safe place – including receipts, serial numbers, value, and other necessary info.

good luck to anyone else who’s been burgled on rebuilding your inventory!

It’s gotta suck to loose equipment, and worse to loose work.

But you guys haven’t lived until you’ve been face down on your livingroom floor with a gun to ur head over a playstation, telephone, DVD player, camera, and a few creditcards. Having your life in the hands of some teenaged dueche-bags with screem masks on, that’s where the quality’s at.

bought a new house recently. new locks, security system, quick-connect emergency panic buttons, upgraded insurance. took the wifey to a range, taught her to shoot. gun has a permit. aluminum baseball bats hidden in the house. wallsafe in our closet with a trigger-locked shotgun in a garment bag. overkill? yep.