ducks, suv's and i pods

I sometimes wonder about us, we rush about in the pursuit of something or another. Some of us ensconce ourselves in huge vehicles to “protect” ourselves other isolate ourselves in activity others with ears plugged by speakers. I live on a country road, two lane paved road long and straight with a posted speed limit of 45 mph it is an area where lots of wild life cross and is posted as such and all the locals are aware of that fact. Over the years as more and more people have moved out here and now, we have mc mansions where there used to be fields. This is normal, people want to (or so they say) get closer to nature, have a little peace. This is a fine and worthy thing to strive for but I wonder how many people really get it, the traffic zooms by in the morning and the evening 50-60-70 mph on their race into their job, never stopping to think that they will only get “there’ at the most moment sooner. This dichotomy was brought into bright focus today when I went out to get the mail and noticed something on the road, I went up and look closely and it was two baby wild ducks one little squished body about a foot from the other. As most of you know duckling follow mom in a row so these two little causalities were part of a family whom it appears to have escaped. I could see in my mines eye a somebody encased in their mega auto, cell phone screwed into their ear so wrapped up in their own world, racing to their county mc mansions that they did not take the time to let this little family of wild things cross the road. What would it have taken, 60 seconds 120 the time for a commercial break on TV? This level of isolation, to me is sad for if a person’s life and ego is so full that 120 seconds is too much to stop let a duck escort her duckling across a road. If they had stopped or slowed, they might have enjoyed the event. What that little scene said to me is that person has no concept of life quality, where time is invested in thing and people that matter and sometimes that is letting a duck cross the road.

zip, your assuming they even noticed the ducks… which is worse, I don’t know.

mr. flounder;
Why are you the most interesting personality on these boards?

old farts generaly are.

zippy, I think you are actually noticing things that a lot of people may not be looking at them. So in that sense, I appreciate them and I do think you are actually a very kind person at heart - able to feel for the ducks which I believe hard hearted and careless people would never have halted their cars to take a look and think about their way of living. But at times you seem to be somewhat angry about life from the way you write them. I mean there are ups and downs in life, and certainly a lot of things aren’t fair. However, we need to look at the positive side of things and move forward.

Just my 2 small cents here. Hope it is well taken.

Am I angry, naw, frustrated at seeing people drink the same old koolaid yup, yes its part of the process of “growth” but don’t mean I can’t (should) wave the flag and call bullshit from time to time. This comes with “snow on the rood” a older guys perspective who has seen a fair bit of life.

zippy, that is the sort of thing that makes me want to move back to the southeast. i am not especially fond of california.

KFJ, its everywhere. Whats kinda wack is we are in the proffession that encourages it, yup, we designers, inovators, inventors and such. Our “jobs” for the most part are to come out with new stuff that people feel THEY MUST HAVE! We all do our best to provide products of value, but lets face it a lot of it what people are after just the zing they get from buying a new gizmo/wizbang that soon ends up in a garage sale or land fill. There is a old theory, of haveing just a few things that are exceptional,or meaningful and for the last 15 years or so I have suscribed to that idea. Once not long ago it was the norm, ask a oldster that grew up in the depression (1929) about how recycling, consvervation, self reliance they were the norm not the politicaly fashionable kool thing. See shit goes in cycles, the good shit comes around less often but has staying power.

I think this comes from the advancement in telecommunications. Quite simply, we hear and see ALL of the news now. We hear about all of the bad things that the world has to offer and yet, none of the good things. Life is a fine balance between good and bad, black and white.

That said, I think Zippyflounder is choosing to only see the bad and never focus on the good.

I saw the largest intersection in Indianapolis shut down for about 5 minutes during Black Friday last year as a mother duck walked her ducklings diagonally across. Nobody moved until she had picked up every single one of them onto the curb and on to safety.

The news doesn’t pick that stuff up. If some SUV had run them over, THAT would be on the news.

It’s naive, but I still believe people are naturally “good.” Well, most of them, anyhow.

Not seeing just the “bad” just a trend, and it does warm my heart to hear that people in indy have a soul. It could be that “mcmansion” owners are just more insulate, isolated, self important than urban dwellers.

6ix, I have the same thought here. I think Zippy needs to see the positive side of things. True life is unfair most of the time and honestly I myself have had these negative thoughts. But I’ve learnt another lesson that life is only this long and it would be perhaps wiser to ellicit the good of all and move on. In the process of being cheery, maybe there would be some good done.

My 2 cents here.

thanks again for your PM. I appreciate your post. I just think that you need to loosen up a bit to the positive side of things. And no, I am not that young as you’ve put it. At least you can’t old enough to be my dad. Not even a baby dad or uncle; though I am younger than you. I sound young, and I live young. I look young too. When I was at University, people thought I was one of those really underaged undergrad. At work, people think I look like a very young graduate.

Sometimes its better to see things simple and be cheerful. Magical changes can come even with a simple cheery smile.

Yes living in a ivory tower can allow that to take place, the real world outside of the uni is a different place. Time and experiance shape people, in real life the hero may not win the happy ending is a matter of interpertation. I am glad your ensconsed in a enviroment that allows you to remain cheery, and I am certain that others find it charming. I too at one time was the ramant optimist, but life has shown me that “hope for the best, plan for the worst” is more rational when dealing with the real world.

The polarity between the views of Zippyflounder and Cheerygirl is astounding!! Cheery comes across as naive as a baby girl (in her own words) and Zippy sounds like an old grouch. I’d tend to lean more towards the thinking of Zippy as I’ve seen some serious crap in the last couple years of my life.

For instance, after seeing what happened on 9/11 and the ridiculous war that followed, I’ve come to the conclusion that government can not protect us from people set on doing us harm, and that the government leaders aren’t as smart as we maybe thought they were. Not that we ever thought they were Einsteins, but these are supposed to be the sharpest people out there. Even in the middle of huge problems, we are supposed to feel that they have a grasp on things while the general public does not see what’s really going on.

Also, life is very unfair. That’s clearly evident when you see how money can get you out of jail, especially if you’re a celebrity.

My question is this: are we at the precipice of BIG changes in our society? I fear that we can’t go much further down.

Not really, history shows that this is not all that a uncommon situation as far as us humans go, in fact we have been through far worse. Gov’s dont attract the brightest and never have, money is power and power allows you to influance events. No matter what for the most part people just keep moving on. I grew up with the understanding that a A bomb may fall at any time, I experianced ressessions, gas imbargos, double digit prime rates, watts riots, chicago demo convention, watergate, 'nam, and disco…and I (we) survived them all. Dont get bummed as there are millions of people working on solutions to the problems, their motivation? It ranges from good old money to “doing something for humanity” or answering a interesting question. Humans are problem solvers, and even though short sighted at times we are pretty good at it over the long run.

hmm maybe it’s just me but i didn’t get an ‘angry’ vibe from zippy’s original post- just sadness over an isolated incident- i’d be sad if i saw a squashed baby duckling too! though who knows what exactly happened when it was killed.

A bit of both, sad for the ducks, and the people too. I wonder if they think back on their death bed “ya remember the time when i got to the office 145 seconds ahead of schedule.”

i watched koyanisqatsi again the other day. this thread reminds me of that films theme…
how our lives tend to be out of balance.

What’s balance? Who defines it? Compared to what?

Balance is as unique and individually defined as every person on the planet. It seems every time I hear someone warbling about balance and lifestyle there is always a big question mark around it. What is it and what is the definition?

Balance is not living a H.D. Thoreau lifestyle which seems to be what people allude to being the way to go.

Hell, for all you know the person who squished the ducks was busy slurping on a soy latte, driving their Prius racing home because their organically grown all-bran muffin has kicked in.

Quite frankly, the person who turned the ducks into pate could have been any single person on this board at any given moment.

i meant out of balance with nature. i.e. using things at a greater rate than moma nature can provide.

i agree with you though. who’se the authority?

and the duck squisher - they were probably too busy trying to calculate their carbon footprint that they weren’t watching the road ahead.