ducks, suv's and i pods

I sometimes wonder about us, we rush about in the pursuit of something or another. Some of us ensconce ourselves in huge vehicles to “protect” ourselves other isolate ourselves in activity others with ears plugged by speakers. I live on a country road, two lane paved road long and straight with a posted speed limit of 45 mph it is an area where lots of wild life cross and is posted as such and all the locals are aware of that fact. Over the years as more and more people have moved out here and now, we have mc mansions where there used to be fields. This is normal, people want to (or so they say) get closer to nature, have a little peace. This is a fine and worthy thing to strive for but I wonder how many people really get it, the traffic zooms by in the morning and the evening 50-60-70 mph on their race into their job, never stopping to think that they will only get “there’ at the most moment sooner. This dichotomy was brought into bright focus today when I went out to get the mail and noticed something on the road, I went up and look closely and it was two baby wild ducks one little squished body about a foot from the other. As most of you know duckling follow mom in a row so these two little causalities were part of a family whom it appears to have escaped. I could see in my mines eye a somebody encased in their mega auto, cell phone screwed into their ear so wrapped up in their own world, racing to their county mc mansions that they did not take the time to let this little family of wild things cross the road. What would it have taken, 60 seconds 120 the time for a commercial break on TV? This level of isolation, to me is sad for if a person’s life and ego is so full that 120 seconds is too much to stop let a duck escort her duckling across a road. If they had stopped or slowed, they might have enjoyed the event. What that little scene said to me is that person has no concept of life quality, where time is invested in thing and people that matter and sometimes that is letting a duck cross the road.