Dual Processor PC? Is it worth the extra $$$

I am considering buying a Dell Duo Xeon processor (2x2.4mhz) instead of a single 3.4 Pentium 4. Is it worth to have the extra processor when running Alias Studio , Rhino or Solidworks? What is more performance per $$$:

  • Extra RAM or Extra processor?


Solidworks is serial solver. It will not benefit from the Dual card. However dual processors really helps when you render, or use other programs like Photoshop or Painter in tandem with Solidworks.

As far as Rhino goes-it is such a light program that I am not sure that you would notice the dual processor in any appreciable manner, which is a good thing

My Dual Xeon handles like butter…mmmmmmmm Dual Xeon sooo goood.
But Id go for RAM instead of the extra processor

does Studio tools use the 2nd cpu when rendering?

I wouldn’t bother with a second processor- put the money into RAM and a faster hard drive, you’ll appreciate it much more.

studio’s renderer doesn’t use more than one cpu. but with v11 the powercaster/powertracer option is included, from what i read, and those will split renders over multiple processors on a single machine.

the studio interactive software doesn’t take advantage of multiple processors to my knowledge. but if you spawn a render the system will use another cpu to run it, keeping your app going on the first cpu. this doesn’t guarantee a speedy system though, because if you run out of ram then the machine has to go to the hard drive for more memory and slows down anyway.

so my vote is to add ram and graphics power before another processor. another proc helps me mostly for rendering animation or huge images.