Dual display issues w/ Wacom Cintiq; HELP

Hi, all! I was recommeded your forum as a place I might find help with a problem I’m having:

I recently built a new computer setup and have been trying to properly install my Cintiq with no luck. I can’t get the dual view to display properly. The cintiq will only display the comp’s bg in dual view and it doesn’t work correctly in a cloned view either(different resolutions, pen won’t calibrate properly, etc.). I installed the Wacom on someone else’s desktop and laptop and it worked fine on both of those. Their video card’s output was VGA, mine is only DVI. Could that be part of the issue? I have the most recent versions of all the necessary drivers as well.
I’ve racked my brain and gone through every conceivable setup option I can find between the two and nothing seems to work. The necessary components are:

  • Palit GEForce 8800GT Super+ 1GB video card
  • Acer AL2016W monitor
  • Wacom Cintiq 12wx

Any insight or even additional places where I could find help (manufacturer sites aside; No luck) would be GREATLY appreciated!