DT Project Feedback

Hi, this is my final project for my Design Technology course. It is a chair that assists people in standing up from a seated position and works by pushing down on the pedals, tilting the seat up and making it easier to stand. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

It’s a nice idea!

First of all when you post a project, please provide some more specifics about the thought behind it such as context of use, target users, technologies etc. then you’ll get much better feedback.

What I can say now is…the design could be much stronger to reflect the unique functionality but of course this is your first prototype.
The ergonomics should be worked on, for example the pedals should probably be flipped out or tucked in to have more space for your feet while seated. Those sharp corners should at least be rounded.
Then I wonder if this really provides the amount of force and the right movement of the seat to rise comfortably.
You could amplify this movement with a different bar linkage mechanism.
Another idea is to implement a spring under the seat which allows you to sit down more comfortably, lock in the spring and when the pedals are used unlock the spring to use the stored energy to rise up, simultaneously with the leverage from your own weight on the pedals.

Do you have a movie clip?