DSK ISD, Pune or IED, Milan?

DSK ISD, Pune or IED, Milan?

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I have just appeared for my high school finals and I’m interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s in Product Design. I was introduced to Product Design about 18 months before and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Like every aspiring designer I too want the best school for myself. Right now, I have to choose between DSK ISD, Pune (Maharashtra, India) and IED (Milan, Italy). It would be of great help if the amazing designers here helped me with my decision. I’d like you’ll to keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. Finance- Affordable education, scholarships available (from the institute and other organizations), etc.
  2. Academics- Quality of teaching, institute’s reputation (ranking, alumni, etc.), degree value (this one’s just for convincing my folks), etc.
  3. Lifestyle- Quality and standard of living, job opportunities while studying in order to fund education, etc.
  4. Job Opportunities- Placements, etc.

P.S. IED does not have a residential campus and DSK ISD has a residential campus. I have created a poll but added personal views would be helpful. Please be quick I require an answer before the 26th.