DSK ISD International School Of Design in Pune, India

Hi all,

I keep coming across the Masters from DSK International School Of Design either by students contacting me asking me to pass on their portfolio (three this week) or by seeing students portfolios/work on Behance. From what I can see the work coming out of the school seems to be impressive, everyone has great skills.

I want to break this post up by first asking about the course, what is taught be it heavy skills, research, user centred, client projects etc. Also what is it like to live in India as it wouldn’t have been somewhere I personally would have thought to do a Masters degree.

The second part unfortunately is a few red flags I have seen raised. From the students/grads that have contacted me all of the cover letters are EXACTLY the same, give or take a few words - all asking for a 6 month internship. I can say the same about the portfolios I have seen too (sent to me and found). The work is different but the layout is the same across the board.

This isn’t a bad thing per say, its very nice graphics which communicates the story clearly - but theres no individuality to it. The work is good but it’s hard to distinguish one candidate from the other when I’m making a decision on who I want to pass on to my superiors/HR.

It appears as though the students were given a template to follow and told not to deviate from it. The same with cover letters.

I want to hear from current/former students and also those of you on the forum that have come across this or perhaps its just me?

I am not very familiar with the course but I am working with two graduates from the Bachelors right now and they are doing great in the consultancy environment. I have not noticed any “cookie cutter” issues with their work.

Lots of design studios here in the bay area are hiring from that school and from what I can tell, the graduates do generally very well.
As you noted, the skill set is fantastic.

India seems to be an acquired taste and it might suit some while others struggle but I believe that if given a great design course, it doesn’t really matter where you are as there isn’t much time to do anything else anyway.