DSGN+Skills - Austin, TX April 2020


I’ve recently co-founded DSGN+Skills; our first conference will be happening this April 16-17 in Austin, Texas.
Our goal is to provide a community for design professionals to boost their technical skills, enable in-person networking, and how to further themselves in the business of design.

If you haven’t seen this yet and have any questions or feedback please let me know! It’s our first event, but we’re really excited to be able to put something like this together!

I just took a look through the lineup and it sounds promising- the focus on design skills really appeals to me and I recognize several of the speakers from instagram. Looking at the venue location in Austin also really makes me want to visit!

Which speakers are you most excited to hear from?

Thanks Shields! It’s been pretty exciting to reach out to presenters who are as equally excited about putting something like this together :slight_smile:

Man, that’s a tough question. Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the presenters whose workflows are new to me (I’m super KeyShot heavy), especially tools like VR sketching + subdivision modeling.
As someone who is new to being self employed (both with DSGN+Skills and as a freelancer), any sessions on the business aspects appeal to me as well.

The way we’ve broken up the workshops should allow people to cater to their own interests. That said, I already know that there will be sessions that I wish I had been able to see. I have a lot of questions in my head already :slight_smile: