Droog Design

i am looking for biographical information on the founders of Droog Design & history of the founders Droog for work,
GIJS BAKKER + RENNY RAMAKERS are founders of DroogDesign. i know their website, but other than that, I
can’t seem to find much on the internet, but i might be looking in the wrong places. any suggestions??? books? videos? articles?
mucho gracias!

there’s three books, as far as I know:


I have “Droog Design” and it’s pretty comprehensive.

I you just need biographical info, I would suggest to contact Gijs and Renny directly. I’m sure they have some sort of press release/bio info handy.

do yo uknow how i could get in contact w/ them directly?

well, I guess emailing them at press@droogdesign.nl (from their website) would be a start.

and try google their names - you might find useful info. Here’s what I found in 20 seconds flat: http://www.designmatcher.com/nl/phpincludes/popups/designer_info.php?designersID=934

good luck