droog and other dutch design (just to good)!

droog design its just better than aneything else!!

fuck eney one that tries to argue otherwise but your welcome to try.

I’m a fan of Marcel Wanders. Do you know where I can get more information on them?

wow. what a very sad overstatement. please try and learn a little more about design before making such a bold statement. i think its more that all you see is news about droog and other dutch design because the dutch government pours money into design…

dutch design is a trend, and its over…droog isnt even droog anymore, they are now a corporation to sell there wares rather than a design collective to support dutch design. they are going to have a very hard time translating the beautiful witty masterpieces they come up with into sellabe, producable objects.

i mean i do agree that dutch design is very clever, and i do like a lot of it but its becoming very played out.