Manhattan may be one of the best places in the world for an aspiring designer, thank God they found a way to fit it into a glass…

Hahah. They are good. I am more a beer man, but I like to sip some whiskey every now and then. I have good collection but some of my favorites are Japanese.

Haven’t had any since 2011…

…but only because I got sick on December 30th. Hoping to break the ice tomorrow in K-town!

If you haven’t tried 1 shot soju + half small glass of Asahi, do it. Good bar called Pan on 32nd to do it at.

Yes please. Make it a single malt islay. Neat. Double.


Bourbon, neat
Tequila, neat
Beer, chilled

No “Scotch in a Can” for you then?

Man… I don’t want to turn this into a Branding and Packaging discussion, but the HP article certainly outlines a number of points that make me question how well Canned Scotch has been thought out.

Critics have argued that eight shots of a beverage with the same alcohol content as venerable scotches including Johnnie Walker Blue and The Glenlivet 12 is too many to be sold in a container that can’t be resealed.

Seems like a shorty, green, version of a scotch bottle would have allowed for the bottle to be resealed, and maintained a bit more product identity.

As an aside…

My dad told me of his first “drink” with his future father-in-law … When asked what he would care to drink, Dad said a 7 and 7 (Seagrams 7 mixed with 7-Up). Granddad told him that, in his house, he gladly serve liquor, or soda, but not both in the same glass.

But back on topic … Laphroaig, neat, … Takillya (anejo), sin agua, por favor.



Basil Hayden, or Woodford Reserve, neat

Hendricks, Tonic, splash of Saint Germain
Dark and Stormy
A Manhattan
Whisky Ginger

depends on the mood…

Rocks>Bombay Sapphire>Squeezed Lime>Tonic - in that order
Jameson+Ginger Ale in a Pint Glass (aka The Big Ginger)

Beer. Lots of beer. Cold.

In the spirit of this thread I am having some Japanese blended malt called “Ginkgo”. It was given to me as a gift and I know nothing about it, but it is some great stuff!!

Yes on the Basil Hayden, Jameson, and Hendricks (Michael, try it next time with tonic, lime, and two fresh slices of cucumber- amazing).

Earlier tonight at the bar my buddy (from North Carolina) ordered us two “hillbilly margaritas”; three parts Bulleit whiskey, ice, and a massive lime wedge squeezed in there. Not too bad.

Just finished a glass of Garrison Brothers (96 proof Texas bourbon) and a glass of Republic Tequila (local Austin tequila brand) before bed. Calling it an early night for once.

Sorry…I am a firm believer that true Bourbon comes from Kentucky. I will have to try the Hillbilly Margarita!! Sounds awesome!!

So was I! A firm believer. Until I tried this stuff. Ended up being some of the best bourbon I’ve ever had. So good that I bought a bottle ($85+) the next day after trying some at a bar… that was about 3 months ago.

Hmm…Will have to look into it.