Drilling into concrete

How do you screw into concrete? Are there special bits and screws? Could you do it with your standard power drill?

Drill into concrete with a rotary hammer. Use masonary drill bits. find both at Home Depot.

and… if you don’t have a rotary hammer you can always just use a masonry bit in your 1/4" drill. But, if you have a LOT of holes to do… rent a rotary hammer.

Like Acala says, see the old man at the home depot tool department for the bit and ask him to steer you to the fastener department for the screw(s) and/or shield(s) that you will need.

A ‘shield’ is a device (metal or plastic) that drops into an oversized hole that has been drilled into the concrete. Shield are generally sized for each diameter of screw or lag bolt. You drive the screw through what you are mounting and into the shield. It expands and wedges itself into the concrete … stronger (more surface area) than just a screw by itself.

More than you ever want to know about the subject:


Thanks for the help.

Another method is to use Tapcons and Wedge Anchors. These are available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menards. The Tapcon’s come with a drill bit of the correct size in each box. They are available in assorted sizes and with either philips head or hex head. Great product!
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I second the recommendation for Tapcons (blue masonry screws).

Be sure you don’t overtighten them though, or the hole will strip out.

Another trick is to drill the holes as ususal (with a hammer drill and masonry bit) but use a regular screw in combination with a short piece (~1") solid core copper (not braided) electrical wire.

The wire trick also helps bring a “stripped” or overly-big hole back to use…

how strong do you need this to be? what type of concrete? things you should consider - is the wall reinforeced? will you hit steel when drilling?
are you going to hang from it ? try to keep the weight load in 90deg. with whatever bolt you will use, so there will be no chance of pulling it out.
i hanged a 1.5 ton car from two 0.5 ‘sheilds’ in reinforced cement (and 4mm steel cable).

if you are going to hand some serious load, seek advice from a professionale, not the Lowe’s guys. they are good for house tasks

(use hard hat…:slight_smile:)