what about a “dress-code” for application interviews at the big footwear companies?

A dress code for an interview??! Obviously the best you can look and the best pair of threads you can afford.

I personally go laid back an easy style- more comfortable that way. collar shirt-blazer jeans-n some kicks- or dress depending–


dress like a pirate, and drop in some cantonese / mandarin street-slang and you’ll be fine.

It never hurts to let them know that you can dress old school. Good luck!

of course, also make sure you think about what shoes you are wearing!

it sounds obvious, but I a fotwear designer will always look at the shoes of a potential employee, and I have done many interviews personally where the candidate has been just wearing some dirty, worn sneakers. It doesnt show that you are thinking about the shoes, which of course is a must for a shoe designer.

the best candidates I’ve interviewed had some story about the shoes they were wearing. not just a “limited edition dunk (i am so sick of those)” but something they personally customized, or something i’ve never seen before.

Some good thought in your footwear will get the attention of the interviewer (assuming its not done by HR in some huge, faceless corp.) and make your name (and feet) stand out amongst lots of other candidates. (of course you also need good interview skills and a good portfolio, but thats a different thread…)…


I would hire you if I could. Anyone who comes into our office for an interview dressed like a pirate (or captin crunch for that matter) gets serious leverage from me…

Remember you are most likely meeting with a bunch of designers. They will probably note everything you are wearing so consider it. The watch, the shirt, the cut of the pants. But don’t dress it up too much for the athletic companies. Most likely they will look like they strolled in off manhatten beach or something (though they probably put 45 minutes into figuring out what ripped jeans to wear and how to hook the colorways of the graphic on the T-shirt, to the shoes, to the watch).

For the shoes, I allways went with a nuetral fashion brand. Nobody’s going to be pissed if you rock a pair of Prada Sports, maybe some Diesel if you want to slum it, or whatever. But my advice would be not to wear a pair of Adi’s to a NB meeting. And if you where the company’s brand you are working for, they might think you are kissing up, or too in love with the current product to move beyond… remember, designers, we overthink all this stuff. Of coure a pair of Retro Nikes allways work :wink:

Yeah, those pirates are so hot right now :laughing:

what about female designers? a vintage t-shirt doesn’t have the same effect on a girl. if we dress too casual we are seen as unprofessional. if we dress to nice we are seen as too “girlie” and that we won’t fit into the “testosterone driven work envoronment” - actually heard that line before. what is the norm for a female interviewer or what is expected?

Dont dress up guys, its your work that has to impress not how well you navigated those sales racks!! Jeans, shirt and retro kicks usually does it for me, check out the puma 96 hr range sweet blend of sport and formal kicks…

all true, but remember that if you are ever in doubt there is almost no such thing as being overdressed (but leave the tux at home). that goes for guys and girls.

worst case is you will look serious and professional. Somone once taught me to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Meaning if you work as junior intern but want to one day be management it is far better off to dress the part to start with…

and on the subject of dressing up (especially in a design/footwear) forum, please be careful to always wear good shoes and a good watch. no need for a rolex, but a sign of someone who doesnt dress up much is always what kind of watch and shoes they have and if it is appropriate for the outfit. notics old uncle bob at the family wedding in a new suit but old loafers and a dirty times. nuff said.



I am serious.

go dressed as a ginger bread man. Get really tan at a tanning booth first so the whites of your eyes are at the utmost contrast.

i dunno, but i think the original poster here was looking for some actual help.

i’m not a moderator and not trying to bring down the fun, but constructive words can really help!


hahahha!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally! I agree. Y’know, I have always just dressed as conservatively stylish as possible. Whether it be a pin striped suit with cute heels or something more casual but still stylish. I surely would never wear sneakers to an interview, ever! I don’t care if you’re a ‘designer’ or not, it just shows that maybe you don’t care in presenting yourself in a formal/first impression type of way.

yeah that was me.
i’ve tried all the peter pan, elves, and finally the ‘rats of nim’ looks to interviews and finally settled with ‘the pirate’ (not to be confused with ‘the angry pirate’) which got me the job, but am no longer allowed pirate attire except for development trips in asia…
if this dress code is permitted in your place of business, i would consider being headhunted btw.

It’s different for you Tommy, you got that Brit accent, which goes a long way. Us trash Americans need to dress it up a notch to make up for it.

A good watch? I don’t wear a watch at all! :laughing:

It didn’t stop me getting any jobs!

I’d say, just think about the company you are interviewing with, dress appropriately to that and tone it down. don’t be a fashion victim.

I’d agree, it’s a bit cheesy to wear the shoes of the brand you are interviewing for, better to wear something interesting instead.