Dreamweaver help

I’m trying to build a website for myself using dreamweaver. I had never used it before so I watched a LONG tutorial CD and then started to build it. I have most stuff in… my links look horrible tho. The moment I turn some text into a link, it turns blue and gets a line underneath it (like links used to look a long time ago!).

Is there any way to format links so I can specify how I want them to look? Color and no line underneath??

Thank You!!

I’m a little stumped on the “no line underneath”, but I think I can help with color. If you go to Page Properties (I believe under Modify or something), you’ll have all kinds of options when it comes to text color, size, etc. Same place you go to set background bitmaps.

As for the line, highlight the text and go to “view code.” This should show you the actual HTML script and will hopefully say something like “underline.” Delete that part.

check out css styles. You can specify links properties. a:link, a:hover, and a:visited. Instead of asking this question here try the dreamweaver discussion board. Macromedia_Dreamweaver_Forums.

Good Luck

you get rid of the underline by setting the css property for that tag. In this case you would want to change the folowing: color:###### and text-decoration:none

That will get rid of your underline. If you need info on CSS I would check out csszengarden.com or http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/main/linkLibrary.php

They are both really good resources.

thanks so much. will try it out later tonight

If CSS is your fancy, I find the following site helpful:

it could be a little heavy at first, but there are some good ideas here about innovative CSS usage. (its probably too much for entry level web programming though)

You may want to also check the options/settings for your browser. These may reside at the application level (Internet Explorer, Firefox…) or at the system level(i.e. Windows XP) and may affect how you see the links when they are stored locally or on your test server.

Good luck.