Dreamteam Antwerp searches young artists

Hi peepz!

Netdays is an initiative of the European Commission promoting the use of new media by the modern youth of today.
In Belgium, this project is linked to a load of famous names, like national alternative radio Studio Brussel, Jim-tv, CJP, and Jeugd en stad.

We’re doing a project, that will ONLY be running this weekend, for which we are looking for as much young artists as possible.
What we need here is expressions of all your creative minds out there, and we need it this weekend! All you have to do is make sure you can get your art online and send us the url of your artwork right here, it’s good publicity for your work, (will be on Studio Brussel on saturday, too!) and we would be very thankfull if you’d help us out here! (poetry, prose, pictures, sound, …
are welcome too)

You can post your work on the (temporary interim) site http://netdays.rootspirit.com
Hope y’all like it!

Thanks alot in advance!
Dreamteam Antwerp