Dream Team

you got his once in a lifetime product design project but you must team-up with another designer/design studio…money is no object…geography doesn’t matter…but all recognition for the final concept will go to your co-designer…who would you choose?

TXS Design - In Richardson, Texas because…

  1. They are local - anyone serious about collaborating, needs to be close to one another.

  2. Realism - good design is only good if creativity and function are appropriate i.e. marketable, reasonable manufacturing costs etc. In other words, design must be appropriate to the cause. From what I can tell of TXS, they have a good grasp on reality.

NOTE: I have not worked with or for TXS. I’m simply providing a personal, and unbiased opinion.


It really depends on the type of project dont you think?

I don’t look at it that way. As industrial desginers, we are trained to adapt to different projects.

In direct response to a hypothetical question, its a no brainer. In the real world, your probably right. Everything is what you make of it.

Well based on the hypothetical, I would select a design group versus a NAME. Those big names tend to be glory hogs and dump off a hot design that ignores the maket relities and the prefered production methods.

I would select a talented group that can feed you a lot of upfront ideation and exploration, is proffessional enough to work with your in house engineering/marketing to help you see through the implementation phases, and has a low key enough ego to feed some props back to you.

Personally I like the work of and have heard good things about:

Asto (great track record) - http://www.astrostudios.com/old.html
Lunar (good guys) - http://www.lunar.com/
Big (some good stuff in the folio) - http://www.big-design.com
Evo (biased on that last one) - http://www.evodesign.com/

Maybe if you provided more info on the type of ptoduct/project/proccess, you would get some solid recomendations? I don’t think location is too big a deal, but iconic design is.

Don’t know much about TXS.

There are very few if any designers/design teams that are diversified enough to be “perfect” for any given job. We like to think of ourselves as ultimately adaptive but realistically we are not if we are talking “dream team”. There are some that are more diversified than others but without knowing the exact problem it is hard to make the right pairing. Depending on the problem there always seems to be a handful of varying groups/designers that come to mind when you consider all the factors.