Dream car

If you could own any ONE car, what would it be?

right now- a $12K car that get 50mpg.

that’s really difficult

right now it’s a toss up

Bugatti EB110

or to save on gas

I would have to say the Mercedes McLaren SLR. I seen one of the testing prototypes up close with no camouflage in mid 2003 at DC in Sindelfingen. A real treat!


88 Pontiac Fiero GT… :smiling_imp:

nice…didnt those things catch fire ? so they stopped makin them?


I wish I had my copper 2004 Mazda6 S back. It died an untimely death in February.

Yes, but that last year they got it right. And they did not catch on fire…

agreed and after i win the lottery tonight, i will be buying one, beaches.

Tough question. Ultimately, my choice would be:
(This week anyway…)

cool, pretty big beast though.

BMW 2002 tii :open_mouth:

TVR Sagaris. Mean, fast, & rare. And it has speed holes!

The Cadillac CTS I like the aggressive look of the front end and the sharp edges that defines the form of the car.

And good call on the BMW 2002 molested cow. If I still have a couple of bucks left from buying the CTS I would love to see one of that Beamer sitting in my garage.

Ditto to the Prius.

Ohhh! I want one of these. Not exactly a dream car, but I would still be more than satisfied.