I need some recommendations on some good books to start with concerning mechanical drawing. I checked amazon and nothing really seemed to fit. I’m starting my MID next month and want to brush up. As a fine arts (sculpture) major in undergrad, I built alot of large peices of furniture, etc., but I never drew them out very well. Just did my measurments, wrote alot about the ideas behind it and research, and sometimes did working collages. How the hell do you guys draw what has not been created yet!? Books, i need books. Oh, and i know solidworks, that’s not the problem.

you need to design it as a SW part or assembly first then take it into a SW drawing file. also do a search on books for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, or drafting.


Drafting is not usually the first step to creating a new object.

There is a lot of sketching, modeling and sketch modeling involved before drafting.

Drafting is your primary tool for conveying your ideas to the modelshop, toolshop, manufacturer etc.

It is fully acceptable to build a prototype before you ever draft it.

If you know solidworks then you have a leg up since it can do you drafting for you. Although i use solidworks almost everyday and there are still certain things that i find easier to do with a good old fashioned pencil and some vellum.

do an amazon search for “technical drawing” you’ll get a ton of results

“Rapid Viz” is a pretty old school book, but I usually think of it as more technical sketching.

Rapid Viz looks very helpful. I will probably order it. thank you for the recommendation!