Drawing straight lines

I was wondering if anyone had any useful exercises or resources for learning to draw straight lines freehand? I’ve been practicing a lot of perspective sketches and would like to be able to draw straight lines without using a straight-edge too much. Thanks!

Plot 2 horizontal points on paper. Starting from the left point, draw a line to the right point - WITHOUT looking a the the line you are drawing. Look at your destination point.

It’s easier to do this when the points are horizontal, as that is the natural motion of your forearm. Keep the points relatively close at first, as you get more comfortable, space the points out further. Turn the paper frequently if you have to execute vertical lines. It’s easier to draw left to right, rather than top to bottom.

If necessary, I can post a picture if you’d like.

really really simple way as all your learning is just the skill to draw a line rather than draw an object in perspective: its the way scott robertson does it so if its good enough for him its good enough for me.

Draw 2 points on your page and join them up using a straight line. Its that simple.

start of the points being close and gradually put the points further and further apart…

Ghost the line: what i mean by the that both your pen from point to point without drawing the line. First few times you will miss but eventually you’ll be hitting the line. Watch any of scott robertsons dvds or any other pro and you will see how they dont draw the line straight away:

http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/clips/sro02_clip.html (not a great example cause he is drawing a tinney whinney thumbnail but you can see how he hovers and practices the line before he draws it. all be it not for long.

Focus on using your ARM rather than your wrist. your wrist is useless as it has only a small area of movement. Using your arm will allow you to draw big. Eventually you will develop muscle memory and it will feel comfortable likewise with speed everyone is different some people draw lines slow and controlled and others draw them fast its up to you.

So yeah draw a load of points and join them up, that simple.

forgot to mention once you’ve mastered straight line drawing go on to drawing boxes in perspective focusig on getting the line drawn correct first time. Dont go over the line if its wrong you’ll only end up making a mess and drawing attention to that line which you dont want to do.

If you want to increase line weight depending on the pen press harder or change pens. for i typically use Bic crystals, sharpies, pilot hi tec c’s and pilot razor points.

top tip if your ever for some reason putting a border round your A3 page hook your finger over the edge and use it as a guide - again courstey of mr robertson

Hold down shift! No jk. The two prior posts are right on. Just draw 2 dots on a page and start at one and try to hit the other. Do this fast and many, many, many times. You will see improvement.

hahaha, I read that and thought “Ghost Ride It”. Just put the pen down on the paper, get up and dance, when you sit back down you have a perfectly straight line. :laughing:

Thanks guys, I appreciate the tips. I have definitely noticed a difference when using my arm instead of my wrist, there is a lot more control in that.