Drawing by Milton Glaser

check it, very good.


That was awesome. Really fantastic. It feels almost surreal, as I have been putting the finishing touches on my hardcover book on sketching, and most of the text is about drawing in relation to seeing and understanding. Thanks Richard, I’m going to be forwarding this out to some folks.

Great find!

His comment about how drawing accurately is the least important factor to be concerned with is an interesting point to make. But, it does make sense. Granted he says he’s drawn that image 60 or so times, but I’m very impressed with how deliberate his marks are on the paper. So unlike any drawing I’ve seen produced in a long time.

hardcover book? ooo, do tell more!


Just a little thing I’m self publishing, a bunch of sketches mixed with about 8 pages of text about sketching, seeing, understanding, and thinking. But realy it is just a bomb of hot sketches! I showed a first print at the workshop I gave down at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and previewed it to some people at RISD and the guys at C77.

I’m working on some tweaks now, got it approved by corporate legal, and hop to get it out after Christmas, hopefully in some design school bookstores. I plan to sell it pretty much at cost. The idea came from students who asked me if a book of my work would ever be available, I figured why not oblige, especially in todays world of self publishing, it is too easy.

I liked that video too, good find. Reminds me a little of those old Picasso videos where he’s painting on a window - maybe just because it’s about an artist and not as designy, but its very captivating

I love this video! Great drawing, and I loved what he said about “drawing is thinking”

ha, I found myself tilting my head to one side with a slight smile on my face while watching this… reminiscent of the way my son sits there when I draw things for him :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.