Draw or walk the line. ??

ip.wirelessly, you posted a topic about your vent with the snorkel client, that i find becoming a reoccurring issue.

when your confronted with a client that brings nearly completed work to you, and just needs a computer jockey to finish in their eyes, what do you do? draw or walk the line?

from many directions i find a majority of my business comes to me with existing work, where they’ve spent a considerable amount of time and havn’t got anywhere, and try to save a buck by pointing out that they’ve done most the work - where they really havnt from a professional point of view. do you break their heart and design a new, or do you go with it and modify the design extensively? if you break their heart, they might leave - if you heavily modify the design, they still might leave!

fyi, i find this happening frequently from these lame newly graduated mba’s from the university of pheonix online! they have no respect for others and walk on everyone!..

do you draw the line and hope they dont leave, or walk the line to keep them around?

I think you have to decide what the job is worth to you. Are you able to turn off your design mind and just give them a nice rendering of their crap design, knowing that you’re not involved in the design and are just providing a different service?
If they actually claim to want you to design, are you prepared to battle them to show how their preconceptions might not be in their best interests? Will you be willing to fight tooth and nail to semi-educate and defend your designs to them? Do they seem flexible enough that they may listen or are you already sure that they really do have their mind made up?
How hurting are you for money? Is it a choice between swallowing your pride and doing this job for a week or flipping burgers for a month to make the rent payment?
You’ll have to look at your specific issues and determine if it’s even worth dealing with. I’ve turned down work where the anguish wouldn’t have been worth the pay, I’m sure plenty of people have. That’s one of the benefits of running your own thing, you can choose your clients also and if they’re not the right type for you or your services, let them search elsewhere. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would do what they want. Maybe refer them to a graduate from a tv commercial school, the type that teach you to be a graphic designer in 4 weeks by showing you how to work photoshop. That may be the type of person they’re really looking for.