drastic ergonomic changes to seats

Today being the last day, i submitted a user presentation for the PTCUSER conference that is to take place in Orlando at the beginning of the summer.

I know there are some designers and engineers that monitor the forum that use Pro/ENGINEER so I thought those might perhaps enjoy seeing what I plan on presenting.

Using Curves, Surfaces, and new functions within Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 new ISDX functions such as ‘Surface Edit’ http://www.proetools.com/courses/pro_surface/level8surfaceed%20it.htm, I will manage a series of significant ergonomic modifications to enhance how motorcycle seats will feel when seated upon. This presentation is an advanced presentation sharing wildfire 5.0 surfacing tools. Beginners looking to gain insight into surfacing and experts looking to gain a more complete understanding with specific work flow specifically for the wildfire 5.0 ISDX ‘Surface Edit’ functionality.

Tittle: Making drastic ergonomic changes in Pro/ENGINEER - a Wildfire 5.0 ‘surface edit’ real time primer

Models: Bionic Finger (see bionic finger search on youtube.com), Harley Davidson Seat, Yamaha Motocross Motorcycle seat.

I submitted another abstract for the conference too but it is less interesting to industrial designers and involves wiring diagrams and wiring harnesses also on motorcycles.