downloading songs from ipod to PC

I have a 4G ipod and I need to replace my battery. I want to download the songs that I have on my ipod (may of which I uploaded from my friends’ computers) to my PC. Is there a way to do this? I hear that it used to be easier to do this - shoud I install an older version of itunes? Also, if I have to buy some sort of software (which is better than losing the music), what would you recommend?

Its all to do with displaying hidden files and folders, you won’t need any extra software for a PC, just on Mac’s.

When your ipod folder shows up on screen, open it up and change your folder setings/options to display visible files and folders. As well as your contact and task folders etc, there will now be some new ones, one of which with all your music in. Sorry cant’t remember the name of the folder off the top of my head. They will be all randomly placed in folders, copy these to your PC and Bobs Your Uncle!

I use iPod Access v2.1, it is downloadable shareware, search for it on limewire or google. Not sure if it works for PC’s

“I want to download the songs that I have on my ipod (may of which I uploaded from my friends’ computers) to my PC”

you didn’t pay for them?

thanks so much for your responses.

joe, forgive me - i am quite ignorant - can you please explain this in more detail? when my ipod shows up in my itunes menu, i open it up and a new window opens with all of the songs in my ipod. it’s not clear to me, however, how to change the folder options/settings. when i right click on the ipod folder in itunes, i see ipod options but i have gone through all of the tabs in the options menu and i still don’t see how to change to options to view hidden folders.

thanks again!

it’s ok. sorry for not explaining better, you don’t go through itunes. Double click ‘my computer’ when you have connected your ipod → double click on your ipod (which should show up in there under the name you gave it, i.e. joe’s ipod in my case) → click on ‘tools’ on the toolbar → then ‘folder options’ on the drop down menu → click on the ‘view’ tab in the folder options window → change the settings to ‘show hidden files and folders’ from ‘do not show hidden files and folders’ → click ‘apply’ then ‘ok’ → a new folder will appear called ‘ipod_control’, double click it then double click the folder ‘music’ → all your music is here but as I said, in no paricular order. When you put it in itunes it will organise it for you. Finally create a folder anywhere you want to save your music then select it all and drag it in. To un-hide your files and folders again simply go back into ‘folder options’ and undo what you did previously.

Hope it works :smiley:

i’m transferring the files now - thanks so much, joe - i’m so excited!!!

time for me to leave.