Doubled-walled cup‏ construction

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Is anyone familiar with double-walled Tumbler cup construction. You have an inside part/sometimes colored and a second part that is fused over it.

Do you make:

1-2 iges files separate
2-both assembled
3-modeled together as a solid.


If it’s plastic I’ve always sent 2 iges files of the inner and outer but written out in the assembled position so that the manufacturer can open them both to see how they’re supposed to fit. The link you have looks like all the vessels are glass? Best ring the manufacturer to see what they prefer, they might want other file formats etc.

We did a similar project and sent it to our client in China as separate parts in one assembly. We also sent SLAs to make sure that all was clear and that the transitions were understood…but ours had other parts too so perhaps that is not needed here.

It varies by vendor.

We looked @ two vendor for a an overmold Tango-type SLA. One wanted it as a multibody part, the other wanted it as an assembly.

Thanks guys.