Dormitory / Residence Hall Design Brainstorm, Ideas, Input

Hi everyone,

I’m currently a student at CIA and was looking to get some input on my current project. The project is to basically design the new Residence Hall that is projected to be built in the future for the Cleveland Institute of Art. It’s pretty open ended, what I’m looking for is what would you like to see in a residence hall? Since most of us have gone to or are currently going to school, what was your experience like in the dorms and what did you like? What did you hate? What would you like to see changed if you could redesign a dorm.

Throw any kind of ideas that you have, this is just the beginning, and I’m researching to find a focus and direction. From outrageous to moderate, give me anything you got.


built in beer tap in every room? :wink:


Just curious, what scale are you wanting to work at? Are you wanting to do the architecture, interior architecture, interior design, industrial design? There are lots of different ways you could approach this.

I agree with Richard, I wish I could have had beer on tap in my room!

Beer tap in every room would be nice :slight_smile:

Interior Design, sorry forgot to mention that. I’m just looking for ideas right now, conceptual directions I could take.

Since you are going the interior design route I would suggest looking into various furniture systems that you could create. Dorms have such limited space typically. creating some various options of beds/furniture could be a fun project.

Examples would include:
-grounded vs lofted beds
-maximization of storage in limited spaces
-incorporation of technology into furniture systems.
-I would look into a modular system that you can mix and match pieces.
-look into a business plan for the system so you could potentially market to other schools
-multiple purpose furniture could be fun also. (rethink the futon)
-creating privacy in multi-person rooms

What level of work are you doing? (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate)

With just these few examples there is a lot of research you could do.

It’s a senior project but I’m a sophomore elective majoring in Industrial Design. I’m not expected to produce senior level material, but I think it’s a great project and I’m very exciting and appreciative to be able to work on it.

Right now I’m putting together images and idea to create a few focuses or positions. The modularity aspect sounds like a cool focus, I plan on having 2 or more positions to start off at and build from there. Other positions I was thinking about was sustainability and communal.

Thanks for the input, I plan on looking into furniture sets. Any good sites out there for that?