Door handles

I was thinking about door handles that I like the other day. Curious what others think:

Miata (think they copied a Fiat/Alfa design if memory serves)

Porsche 914 (of course) Mechanically, it’s actually crap. I had mine break 3-4 times in 2 years.

I was thinking about door handles the other day as well as an example of how humans don’t seek perfection. It doesn’t attract them. If that were the case, the “best door handle” would have been optimized, bench marked, and widely initiated. Instead humans seek expression, and the door handle is the perfect example, because even with something so simple and function, there are countless variations.

Also, growing up, my Uncle has a stingray with that door handle and as a kid I was fascinated with it!

BTW, I was inspired by seeing the door handle on your dream car Avanti. That’s a nice one.

A few favorites:

Aston, pops out from flush rest position:

P1800, handle is an extension of the chrome trim along top of rear fender:

Lotus Elise, just a push button with a finger recess in the door scoop (would be nicer if the button filled the hole):

I feel this cheeky number probably deserves a mention for it’s 30+yrs of service in the Rover parts bin!

I know some corvettes have really bad inner door handles.
Also Mini Cooper’s have the worst door handle designs ever. They pinch your fingers. Unless you are very careful.

I consider this type of door handle the best. Most user-friendly ergonomics wise.
The fingers close around it and it gives a strong grip to pull. Useful in winter when the doors are frozen and more difficult to open. Also looks good and can be designed to flow with the curves of the car.

Coffee: from a purely functional point of view, you are 100% correct. As Yo stated though, sometimes we prefer the novelty.

Variant: Sometimes I think about replacing one of my cars with a 350Z, but can’t get passed those handles. They are great design on the wrong car, mho.

Well that was new to me. Now that I think of it, the door handle seems to be like in a Fiat. But as always, this is the door handle that I really liked in all cars:

Fiat Barchetta

Alfa Spider (and Ferrari Mondial)

I can think of the worst and the best I’ve had;

My Fiat X1/9 (a '76 I had from 1987 to 1989) had door handles like the one wallflower posted - mechanically horrible, ergonomically inadequate, inexact in its actuation - sometimes it unlatched the door halfway pulled, other times it unlatched the door fully opened - as though a really tough rubber band might be the actuating rod!

My BMWs both have handles like the one coffee87 posted - beautifully sculptural, ergonomically appropriate, well made and actuate with precision.

It is really disappointing that not only is the design of the door handle is bad, but it also does not work its purpose properly. And with that saying, one might be happy with just a simple design door handle but doesn’t fail.

Anyway, has anyone seen the LUMMA BMW 7 series door handle?