It was nice to kick out some sketches on vacation. Nothing like staying in a nice airbnb, having some coffee, and jamming on a sketch before heading out to see some sites and do some hiking.

Butch SUV

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Friday night on the couch with Enzo catching up on Great British Baking show and doodling:

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morning sketch to warm up :slight_smile:

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Sketches between meetings in Salt Lake City last week:

Sunday night doodle with a little digital shading thrown over top:

Merging two of my favorites, Design + Mixology!!

A random sketch was drawn taking inspiration from Netflix’s new series called Drinkmaster.
While introducing the drink they show a digital illustration of the drink and I found it interesting.

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Yet another addition to the “Coffee’s Ready” series.
There was some talk in another thread of “that old unused box of markers” that so many of us have. So I broke mine out and tried to extract a few strokes from the dying green prismacolor . . .


Got to put those old markers to good use @jacob_fleisher !

A quick turkey shaped turkey day chair :turkey:

evening doodle kicking of the long holiday weekend :slight_smile:

More sketching while Kristina was doing some volunteering and then backing today…

Saturday sketching while procrastinating doing some chores :slight_smile:

sketched this up while watching the last couple of episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 with Kristina and Enzo on the couch last night :rofl:

From bloop to coupe… make cars silly again :blush:


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Thanks @jacob_fleisher

Sunday doodle:

Evening sketch while listening to a Debbie Milman podcast interview with my old boss from our Jordan days, D’Wayne Edwards. This was a good interview about determination and perseverance:

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