One more from today. Trying out a bit of a different style with not much line work in the final sketch.

Beautiful form and render!
It fits my “Homely-Hot” category. I love that category.

LOL, I love that descriptor.

Continuing the “Coffee Maker Is Ready to Go” series, here’s some from the last month or so:

I hope you are saving these! They would make a nice keepsake all bound together!

Uh-oh. :wink:
Looks like they will have to be immortalized through the romantic packaging that the Discussion Boards are!

Testing out the new discourse platform with a doodle! :laughing:


@thedinomeister uhm… that sketch if freaking hot!

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Keeping it analog

Another for the morning note series. Had to do the car from a reference photo. Don’t have those difficult proportions and perspective internalized.


nice! :red_car::dash:

Remember all the small coupes we had to choose from in the 1990’s and early 2000’s? The Mazda MX6, the Ford Probe, the Toyota Paseo and Celica, the Audi Quattro Coupe, the VW Scirocco, and on and on… I’d love a small EV coupe!

I find myself trying to second guess the generative design algorithm in my sketching lately. Something new for me.

Anyone else anticipating CAD/CAM generative algorithms in their doodling?

Sketch on the plane from Portland to NYC yesterday:

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I remembered this old sketch after adding the cat icon to the Board header. Some cat adoption awareness ideation… Yes these ideas got canned for good reason.


Sunday sofa doodle:

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It’s kind of amazing how many “cute” cars we had to chose from in the early 2000’s. Of course the Beetle, Mini, and Fiat 500, but also the MkV Golf, the Cube, the original XB…

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Evening doodle… didn’t feel like putting wheels on it :wink:

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