That conversation on BMW over in the transportation section got me thinking about BMW SUVs… I totally understand that they have to make SUVs, lots of them, but was thinking about what they might be like if they applied more traditional BMW design language elements. The first couple of X5s did this pretty well. Maybe they just thought they had to move on.

Thanks Yo! Wanted my linework to communicate as much as a doodle could reach :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not ID related but for me doodling is doodling… Although this took me some good 2 hs but really enjoyed and that’s the point :smiley:

A brief explanation: I wanted to close and tackle the last 6 prompts of Inktober in one piece so I came to this weird scenario when “After a tremendous jolt, a wormhole opened in middle of nowhere delivering as a gift of fate, some marching double cheese pizza slices, our mighty and stretchy spidey superhero and my favorite thunderbird ship!”

Some morning door handle doodles

I have always wanted to work on a door handle project! I guess it would be an easy side project to show process. Sketch, mockup, model, 3d print, render…

Well yeah, sounds like a very condensed take but it’s one of those products that even architects have been designing for years and might not be much room for something new. A solution? Strict and clear brief maybe!

Maybe a design for accessibility brief would give you something beyond just a styling exercise.

Reminds me of this thread:

Was thinking on calling out that topic but then forgot to… that was a fun exercise! And surely universal design it’s quite a brief to tackle if you don’t want to just design automatic doors :smiley:

I wouldn’t dismiss styling in that category ad “just styling”. Certainly brands like Buster and Punch have risen only with a strong aesthetic point of view:

For fun, I really enjoy sketching shoes. Far from perfect, but by doing so, i’m starting to recognize similar elements between sneakers and why they exhist.

Nice ones cf!
Those door handles keep ringing in my mind. And I realize I’m a sucker for a vertical and no spinning mechanism. A spin action somehow doesn’t feel natural to me

Rodrigo, trying putting some parameters to your styling exercise. What kind of home or building is it for? How could the design reflect and riff off that?

I’ve got to head out to Oak Park outside of Chicago for a project in a couple of weeks and it has Frank Lloyd Wright on my brain. A quick doodle or a Wright inspired home.

Rodrigo, like the idea of a vertical handle. I agree with yo, define where the handle would be used and that will lead to further research on the people that would be using it. If it were the door to a hospital, maybe it would have a button to open automatically. If it were for a studio, make it so that it emphasizes security with a lock.

Without defining a space or user, you will keep explore forms that you like and not solve a problem that people face.

Or, what would a handle look like for the building I just posted? It can be an easy parameter like that. :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted :smiley:


Looking forwards to seeing your Frank Lloyd Wright inspired handle Rodrigo.

Land Speeder time-lapse set to some beats. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t post before, here are two takes on the door handles! The first one, although seems an obvious arrival, but it took me some exploration pages. Looking at Michael’s sketch and FLW falling water house made me try to emulate the drama and the cantilevered lectures. Of course in these I quit the vertical set up, didn’t work out fine.
For the second one I explored a little bit more the “organic architecture” concept and took it further like if FLW was working with Riddley Scott searching some design language for sci-fi furniture :smiley:

Hanging planter doodle. Loving the new oval tools in ProCreate.

These are some of my favorite characters from an anime series called “One Piece.” I know for a fact that there’s still a room for improvement. Your criticism with this sketch of mine will help me work on my craft.

Friday post client workshop doodle: