Don't Violate the Secret Laws

In the past four years, the Justice Department has stepped up its efforts to deter both producers and consumers of pornography. As Douglas points out, it has more than > tripled the number of attorneys > assigned to prosecuting obscenity cases.,1284,65678,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3 - how free are Americans allowed to be? Is tripling the number of attorneys in the Justice Department creating a smaller government bureaucracy? And where are the guidelines?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | US TV fails to save Private Ryan - what is “obscene”? If ABC affiliates don’t know, then who the hell does?

Add these to the secret “law” that says Americans must produce identification to travel within the U.S. on an airplane. That says Americans aren’t free to travel to Cuba or other countries the government outlaws.

Will there soon be a law that says we can’t design or create anything that is sexually-related. Or maybe we can’t even make things that look sexual because they’re obscene and should be hidden the way Ashcroft covered up sculptures!?! Who makes that decision?