Don't buy an iPod Nano!!!

After seeing this first hand I can totally agree with the discussion going on over at The Nano has been designed and shipped with a casing that scratches if you breath on it wrong. I can’t understand how Apple would ever let this happen, especially after the outrage that customers expressed after the original iPod battery failure fiasco.

I would recommend buying a regular iPod or a shuffle, but do not get a nano until they fix this problem. If you know anyone at Apple you should probably let them know that this is happening. Especially on the black version, scratches form everywhere and the screens have been cracking on many of the new units.

If you have an Apple store nearby go check it out, the units that have only been on display for a few weeks now are almost totally destroyed.

You sound surprised at the idea of planned obsolesence, and one of it’s mantras that produced things look ‘perfect’ only once, and that is in the mind of the consumer, after which the “bringing down to earth” or post-honeymoon phase allows for degredation of the once-pristine item. Go read “Appliance House” or “The Morality of Things”. I’ll wager you that not one of the people lining up to buy these iPods off the Apple shelves are concerned with the scratched faces of the floor models.

I bought a white one and a black one. What am I gonna do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

i was upset by the perceived “delicacy” of my 4g ipod when I first bought it. I think that apple has on one hand created a nice looking product that feels and appears to be of high quality. at the same time, this requirement for a case is kind of ridiculous. Isn’t there a balance of quality, beautiful materials that can withstand reasonable everyday use? I finally found a silicone “skin” which fits snuggly and adds a no-slip coating that is REALLY nice - ipod doesn’t slide off desks, dashboards or laps, etc. I sometimes ask, why was this sort of translucent rubbery skin not part of the original design? It seems to fit so well, still appear to be high quality look and feel, and stand out from other consumer electronics plastic-shell-xtreme-color-alien-block-o-matic design language.

Now we have the case of the nano which seems EXTRA sensitive to scratches to the point that the plastic over the screen becomes “foggy” and difficult to see through. This is not a matter of “planned obsolecence” No product is expected to maintain a like new appearance over the course of use,yet the nano appears to lose it’s “newness” as it is removed from the box. Imagine a new car with paint that begins to fade and chip on the way home from the dealer! Ridiculous!

Then again, I have only read about this issue and have not seen the damage first hand - maybe people are over-reacting? Maybe apple needs to INCLUDE a protective case with their ipods?

i’ve had my nano for about a week now… it seems to scratch just as easily as my 2nd gen ipod… no big surprise…

i’ll just put a silicone shell on it and that’ll be the end of it…

why didnt apple make the nano have a rubbery shell to begin with?

because then they couldnt sell rubbery shell’s for an extra 40 bucks a pop… duh.

the nano is no more brittle than anyother ipod from my experience… and if it does break, who cares… its going to be obsolete by xmas… i’m sure there will be a 10 gig nano by then.

why did i buy a product that i know will be obsolete so soon…

because i could.


finally a bit of reality on core

good to see a bit of honesty

“because i could”… exactly … far too many starving students on this site


typically industry CE gadgets see a 2-3% follow-up purchase of an accessory for the core product. with the ipod the rate is 1 to 1. 100% buy an accessory! this is a phenomena that philips, sony, etc. scratch their heads at. is it that hard to figure out? among other reasons, i think the preciousness of the ipod is one factor that drives accessory sales (to protect, enhance, extend…)

ipods are for chicks and metrosexuals


good point, I agree

I think that it would be in apple’s best interest then to make the OEM nano accessories (like the “tubes”) available at the same time as the nano. I remember I bought my ipod before any cases were available and i carried it around in a white sock… then apple came out with those cool colored socks. sigh. :wink:

but then, those who rushed to buy a nano should have waited if they really cared about the scratches.

Well for everyone that said this was a planned obsolescence issue or that it was a ploy to get people to buy accessories, Apple annouced that early shipments of the nano were in fact screwed up and prone to having screens scratch and break without much use.

They deny that the issue of the entire front face scratching is a problem because they say the same plastic is used on other iPods without a problem, but from seeing the way the nanos in the mac store were beat to shit after only a few days makes me think otherwise.

The article posted above talks about all this, there are others out there as well.

The fact that other people have claimed to see nanos that look like someone took steel wool to the front tells me that there is something to it.

Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware

As true today as it was then.

I picked up a black one up with a toughskin and love it.

it survvies numerous 10 foot drops, getting driven over, thrown out of a moving vehicle…

Odd. I know more straight men with iPods than any other group. And I distinctly remember people asking me, when I bought the very first iPod, “don’t you feel like a geek carrying that thing around?”

La plus ça change.