Don't be shy, give it a try!

I would welcome any comments re my site.
Please check it out.
Thank you.

Is this allowed, I forgot to mention that I have items for sale at the following site:-


Are we a shy bunch of people, do we not communicate, I have had 151 visits but no replies, no comments. Admittedly I am one of the last people to make contact with illustrators/artists being of a shy & retiring nature. I would like to discuss my work with any interested idividuals or discuss theirs if asked.

So as I have said before “don’t be shy give it a try!”

I think the silence is speaking volumes here my friend.

You might get some good feedback from an forum for illustrators.

I guess I can only help by suggesting They’ve got great illustrators there.

thankyou for the replies - I will check it out.

Find my voice.