Dongguan trouser emergency


5 days in Dongguan and still no luggage. Got my hand on some Nike Ts and hoodies. Can’t find fitting jeans anywhere. anyone got any ideas? No chance for me to get to Hong Kong yet and 7 days left.

Any info on where to shop for passable clothes in Dongguan would be much appreciated!



Dang Dongguan is tough. I think there’s a wal-mart in Zhou Hai that might have something…not too far away if you can get there.

That sucks though man. Good luck!

There are several Wal-Marts in the Dongguan sprawl (also ChangAn), but if you’re over 5’ 8" you will have problems with sizing. Your best bet may be downtown Shenzhen. There are more westerners shopping there than Dongguan.

Good luck. I’ve been in your spot and it sucks.

  1. Ask your facory handler where are the custom tailors nearby and make some pants. Your fabric selection is probably limited to making dress pants and not jeans. Make it easy for the tailor if your show them pictures of the style of pant you want. It shouldnt be that expensive and they can work fast so you can get something to cover your exposed bottom within a day or two.

  2. There should be a Giordano store (China’s Gap?) around every corner if you have a main street area near your factory.

  3. If you can get something in your waist size but too short in inseam size cut it down and make it into a pair of shorts. The low temp of the day should be about 50F something right now.

  4. Advance brainstorming here find someone you know, somewhat know or dont know in your office, factory, on the street that is about your size and make him/her an offer they cant refuse and buy the pant off of them. Hopefully they share your fashinon sense too.

Thanks for the advice!

found some discount store and picked up some levis (real i think!) for about £8!

hopefully my clothes will turn up in the next couple of days otherwise its back to walmart for some 60p boxers…


PS I’m going to carry lots of clothes in my hand luggage next time…maybe some runners for the lagoon too. damn BA.

i really appreciate the genetics body size diferences now!


Glad you found something. I am in Hong Kong and I still have friends bring me clothes and shoes from the states. Of course I am in the 90-95 percentile.

Definately carrying a set of clothes or two in carry on is a must for international travel. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. Hope this helps others in the future.