Donations for my puppy Luna's surgery (paralysis)

Greetings friends, and friends of friends,

My 3-year-old female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, “Luna” has just been diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) earlier today. She was fine two days ago, and yesterday started losing the ability to use her rear two legs.

Now she lies on the floor without the ability to use or rear legs or feel any sensations whatsoever.

I spent $340 at the vet today, borrowing money to afford her emergency visit just to receive this diagnosis, and hoping to use that money to help her. My money spent just earned me the diagnosis, and a “keep her immobile for two weeks” since surgery is not in your budget. The vet said she will probably not walk again without the surgery.

I could go in detail about the economy and all that, but I won’t. I’ve cashed all my checks, I’ve sold everything I own except my chair and keyboard I’m typing on. The vet claims it could cost up from $900 - $1600. Could be $2000. Without this surgery, she “might” be able to walk again. With this surgery, she will be able to run and swim.

I’m not asking for $100, or $1000. Whatever you can spare. 50 cents or 10 dollars is huge. I have PayPal, and for anyone interested in sending a small amount out of their checkbook or whatnot, I can provide my address.

In the case that this fundraiser goes over the surgery’s cost, I will donate the money to a local humane society here in Austin, TX.

Thanks for your time,


Donation Details…

my PayPal is…

if you would like to send a check, I can provide you my address with a private message.

Thank you for your message and your anonymous donation, I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you to the member of C77 who donated to Luna’s surgery. It totaled over $3k, but she’s currently recovering (for about 3 weeks), and has an 85% chance of being able to use both legs again. Her right leg is coming back slowly, no signs for her left leg yet. But I think she’d be happy to be a tripod if the worst case scenario occurs. So much was collected in just about a weeks time, it made it possible for her surgery to come through. Just wanted to say thanks again, publicly, without mentioning your name!