don`t know which is the 1st step to designer


to be more exactly: i am 20 but since now i didn`t study at any design school. i just wanna give my shot. what should i do first. any advice

go to design school.

design is a competitive field with a lot of highly skilled people in it, and at 20 you are pretty damn young. If you want to give yourself a shot, go get a degree. You haven’t really spelled out your background so it is difficult for people to make suggestions. Do you have a degree in something else? Skill in something else? Are you living in an area with a design community to speak of? What type of design do you want to do?

thaks yo. my problem is that my background is just a period of 7 years of intense drawning in exterior cardesign. no studies in design or graphics area, just “stealing” the technics of rendering by analysing desings in the magazines or internet. i think 20 is a little bit too mouch for my studies. so what,where,which school should i aim. you asked about the region and maybe the tradition in this field, i am from romania so that for me this dream is just a little farther than it is for somebody else, yet i don`t wanna give up. teach me what you know please, iam all ears… or eyes

20 is definitely young enough. I think I heard average freshman age at art center is 24. You’ll want to go to school, just drawing pretty pictures isn’t ID, you’ll have to know what constraints have to be followed and which rules guide the lines and forms that you see. Luckily you have core and lots of internet resources so there’s a lot you can learn on your own. Good luck.