Domus VS IED

I would really appreciate if someone could drop me a line about those institutes. I am waiting for their replies and i wonder if some. of you could give me some more info.Which one to choose…?

Oh! i am talking about their ID courses (both milan).

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I am interested in knowing more bout ur background and why u r interested in these 2 institutes from the many others discussed in this forum.

To answer ur question, from the little bit of research that I had done on ID programs in various schools, I think Domus is better than IED. From the info collected IED offers a more skill based course than a design based one. Domus is more design based. This is evident from the course structure itself.

Probably this is one reason why Domus is more expensive than IED. IED is just a 2 or 3 yr old institute whereas Domus is 23 yrs old focussing only on postgraduate and research oriented courses. Also the degree from Domus is validated by the University of Wales (UK).Check out the many companies that sponsers projects at Domus at the website.

I hope I have given u some useful info to work on.



hariesh, i already hold a ba in id.

i saw that you r interested too in both schools (already accepted right?!), have you made your decision? Domus is sooooo expensive…do you think it worths the money? I have visited both sites and i also have the impression that domus must be better but can someone who has been in any of the give details from the inside?

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Had mailed the past students of Domus and had got positive feedbacks. Good networking, courses by renowned designers, company sponsered projects (6 in all, apart from the thesis).
They also said they had all got placed within one year depending on their performance.

IED has three company sponsered projects and no thesis. They concentrate more on developing ur software skills like rhino, solid works, 3dmax etc. Staffs at IED had called me up for an interview n this info was given by them. I had enquired to them bout Domus n they spoke highly of it stating its fee structure as the only drawback.

I believe it is worth the money if u r prudent enough to use the resourses to ur advantage.

Am giving u positive inputs cos ve already accepted the offer and preparing my papers for visa. Now it is upto u to decide.

Why dont u mail a few of the past students. Their mail ids are available in the website (right below their works). Also checkout Mr. Roger Ball’s resume (a 2002 student at Domus) at



the GuEsT is me… :laughing: . I was accpted too in domus and now i look for more details…

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drop me a line if you wanna discuss. Hope to c u in Milan :wink:

Have u enrolled urself into Domus. If not, HURRY!
The visa process seems to be a time consuming job.

btw my mail id is [ hariesh(underscore)sankaran ]

bye, Hariesh

hello Hariesh and Alexandro
I guess you guys will be hanging around in Milano next year huh.
I am on the list with you guys at domus , I’m doing furniture - unfortudately, it IS so hard to find reliable info on the school!!! shallow info on the website… I’m getting a little nurvous about this …
do you guys mind if I ask for info and may be some help?
I ;ve never been to Italy and I’m learning the language - kinda hard.

how do you guys plan to find housing and stuff when you first get there?

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I’ll probably wait for a little bit for your postings before I will excuse myself and email you guys

good luck to all of us

hi there,

Nice to know u r gonna join us. The thread has already got some of our discussions. I would suggest u write to old students to know better.

Do mail me if I could be of some help.