Domus vs CCA - Masters

I’m Mayank from India and was looking to apply for a masters program in Design Management/Strategy. After going through Businessweek’s, Business Insider’s Top Design Schools list and the discussion forum here, I have this question -

Can these two be compared?
Domus Academy - Masters in Business Design
California College of the Arts - MBA in Design Strategy

Read a lot of posts related to this, still doubful about certain things.
1) Is the education at Domus worth? Is the 1 year course rigorous enough in comparison?
2) Would the money Ill be spending at CCA’s program be worth? Would there be job security specially in the current scenario?

So basically, Im afraid of getting in a situation where I complete my masters from Domus and realise Ive learnt nothing much. Likewise, I complete my masters from CCA, spend lot of money and then do not get a satisfying job. Or maybe even a job in the current scenarios. Its scary.

Helpful information/opinion anyone! Please share!

tell us a bit about yourself first,
what’s your undergrad, where and how long have you been working, and what do you want from the Masters degree?

Ah, I did my undergrad in Maths from University of Delhi.
But graphic design was my calling I realised. So I trained myself with skills needed by the industry - Adobe Suite and all.
Ive been working with a leading newspaper Hindustan Times as their graphic designer for almost 2 years now. Worked at a startup tabloid newspaper before that for almost a year.

Now it seems that Ive got bored of being just in the ‘develope’ phase of things rather I enjoy being in ‘discover’ & ‘define’ phase too if you know what I mean. Maybe Id want to set up my own design consultancy at some point of time. Since, Ive been looking for a course which could help me do that and thought Design Management would do justice to it. But the right college for it?

So, thats how I landed here. Thought these forums would be of some help and clear the confusion.