Domus Academy

Simply surprised that no one on this forum seems to know much about Domus Academy and their Masters program. It is not a well respected institution for design?
I am interested in attending a design program with some emphasis on business and/or management. Would anyone here know of any existing programs in Europe or North America?

you might some useful info here

im doing at MA at domus right now. not in management tho. just started but its a great school so far…

Just curious about the quality of students…How competitive is it to get into?

I know it’s listed on Business weeks top design schools… but then again so are some other schools which from personal experience are not the greatest. They are probably the greatest in that particular country but not necessarily in the world.

Also how does Domus compare to an American university…like Pratt? (I am comparing the two specifically for the Design management/Business degree programs)…

Any thoughts/feedback?

BW has listed other schools too and from what I read in forums, not all schools they have listed are liked by the students who are attending the design programs. I also recently found out that Politecnico di Milano has a Business Design program as well.

I thought Pratt had more of a Fashion design emphasis with some Business courses on the side. Maybe I am wrong.

It would definitely be interesting to get feedbacks from people who are attending Business Design program at both Domus and Pratt.