Im an archtect graduated last year . I intend to do my masters in product or accessories design…Few doubts i have-

1.How well is Domus recognised…as far as i have
researched n herad…its one of the best in
Europe…hope ive heard it right…

2.The deadline for the portfolio is end of
November…so u think end of oct is gud enuff to send
the folio? or end nov will do too? since they ve
mentioned limited seats and on first cum first basis

3. The subjects r taught in english? do i have to
learn italian there or shud i start from here
itself?but since im not sure if ill get in…so is
there any point leranin?

4.ARe there any particular requirements for the folio?
like it has to be an a4 or a3 size? and can they be
modifications and alterations of an a4 like not a
rectangular sheet…???

5.How good is the accessories and the product design course? since i intend to apply for both.

6.Could anyone name few more good design schools in Italy n France.

&. WHats the job market scene for both product and accessories?