Domus Academy '09/CAD experience?

I was just accepted into DA Masters of Design program for Product Design. Is anyone else here attending? I’m on a roommate/housing quest, but it would be great to get to know some people, regardless.

Also, does anyone have any advice for someone going into product design with very little CAD/3-d modelling experience? I graduated BFA in Sculpture and took one class with Rhino. I’m trying to get the hang of it on my own in the meantime, but I’m still a little intimidated going into Grad school with so little modelling experience. I can, however, wield a hammer and saw… something tells me thats not quite going to cut it… :unamused:


Hi there,

I’m currently a student in the master of design course 08. As with all design graduate schools, a minimum “can do” knowledge of sketching, 2D (photoshop, illustrator) and 3D(rhino or whatever else program you are good with) skills would be very helpful indeed.

A minimum “can do” as you will probably meet a lot of people from the international scene as is the case in Domus Academy and you will probably get a lot of chances to sharpen your skills from there as long as you put a lot of effort.

One important note is in the master of design course for Domus Academy, flash is used for all presentation material, so maybe if you have some time on your hands, it’ll be great to start sharpening up all the stuff i mentioned above and flash as well.
The first half of the year will be spent in at least 5 group projects, so if you start working on your skills, then when you get here, you can contribute to the group work and improve yourself from there as well.
Good call to ask and if I can assist you in anyway regarding any other questions regarding anything, pls don’t hesitate to ask! Ciao~!

I appreciate the insight! Thank you also for the information about Flash, its nice that I can know what to expect. I guess I need to get busy :slight_smile: What are you planning on doing after you graduate?

yup, you need to get busy indeed! :stuck_out_tongue: whole lot of things that would be good to get started on… I’ll probably be going back to my own country to re-establish my studio and start to do some work in the education field. When are you coming over to milan? There might be some chance that we’ll catch each other if your here before I leave.

wow, it’s so cool to meet future classmate and schoolmate here~i’m from mainland China :slight_smile:
i’m also admitted by Domus in Product Design~but i have not determined whether to take it or not…cuz i’m just graduated from uni and have no practical work experience as well as not much knowledge of manufacturing technology, and i’m advised that working first after undergraduate study and then go to grad schools as the more efficient way. so it makes me very very difficult to make the decision…any advice for me? thx~~~~

hi~ u r from Singapore? i’ve been there and studied as an exchanged student at NUS for a sem~ nice to meet u :slight_smile:

Hey there! nice to meet more people who are coming to Domus Academy. Yup, if you can try to get some form of work experience before coming over? Then the course would sort of refresh you to a new design experience and you own design views might mature a bit. A year or 2 would be good i guess, try not to wait too long as well if not the mind will sort off stagnate as wel…Which university do you come from anyway? Yup i’m from Singapore but i’m not from NUS…how did you like it that anyway?

I have no practical work experience aside from my own freelance work. However, it is harder for me to find work in the product design field right now because I got my undergraduate in Sculpture and don’t have a lot of experience with CAD.
I’m going to take a chance and go anyway…If the admissions staff at DA didn’t think I was qualified or ready for grad school, I don’t think they would have admitted me. So, I am just going to be confident in my present abilities, and pick up the rest along the way.

Hey guys, I am looking at DA for Interaction Design, I am from America and was wondering if they do any type of financial aid if accepted, because the price tag is quite hefty…


as far as I know, their competitions are the only financial aid that they have available. If you are affiliated with a US school, you can of course apply for fin. aid through them, but other than that, I have had no luck finding any that I am eligible for. That is precisely why I have decided not to go.

Even with the 20% reduction that they offered me, I can’t afford it.

Did any of you by any chance look into any other grad schools in Milan? I was just there studying abroad in June, and with my class we visited the Domus Academy, Scuola Politecnica di Design and Politecnico di Milano. Even after visiting them all I still couldn’t get a feel for the differences between all of them. Do any of you know what they are?

I have one year left and want to pursue a future in ID but I’ll be getting a BFA in Design at UT Austin which gave more of a general broad design background that focused mostly in graphic design. I doubt I can get any ID jobs after graduation without knowing how to manage the software required or the specific technical skills. I can use Vectorworks and know the basics in the shop, but aren’t sure if I’m what they’re looking for.