Doesnt anyone love design?

I am sitting hear reading these threads and I hear about is a school hard? should i be in this career? I am thinking, I love this job. Designing new innovative ideas and products is the best job in the world. Everyday something is new, and you cannot beat the feeling of a finished product. I think we make it harder on ourselves by thinking of it as work. Why did you go into this in the first place. I think if we all had more fun in out work, better designes would follow. If youre in this for the money, go and move on. Yes you can be succesful. But only if you love what you are doing. Its just all the negativity is bad, and this website could be so much better if we kept it off.

Most of the people here aren’t complaining about designing they are complaining about their boss, coworkers, compensation, bad clients etc.

You won’t know what ID really is about until you get a job. Even in school, you are presented with an ideology that applies little to the real world. That’s why people have questions and doubts.

we are all hear because we love design, and want nothing more than to see it thrive. However the reality is that no one really thinks they need us!

especially the manufactures. We are nothing more than the Red Headed Stepchild of the product development cycle.

I have always liked the idea that IDers need an official certification much like arch. and lawyers, doctors… The idea of letting just anyone call themselves and Industrial designers is upsetting. Why do we go to school and learn all these things for so long? I think something along those lines would bring better design, and more respect to out profession.