Does your WIFI router have a great personality?

Hey guys,

I’m beginning a personal side project to redesign a WIFI router and am currently collecting user feedback.

I would appreciate your insights by taking my survey at Wireless Router Usage in the Home Survey

Thanks in advance, and feel free to offer any general insights or comments here.

I answered this, but interestingly enough you don’t actually ask what kind of router I’m currently using. Which I would think would be important for a competitive benchmarking set of questions - how would you know what I consider attractive or ugly if you don’t know what it is?

Very solid point. I’m not sure how I missed this :confused:

I’ll see about retroactively adding it into the survey. Thanks.

How did that router turn out?

My router is nailed to the ceiling in my basement between two floor joists along with a DSL modem. I can’t remember if it had personality.