Does your graduate project limit who looks at your portfolio

Lets say for instance that i want to work in the sporting goods market, like for North Face, or Columbia, yet I want to do a light weight race car for my graduate project. This sets off some red flags for me. Who thinks my fears are founded? Thanks

it’s good that you atleast have a good idea of where you’d like to end up

I would say that it depends on the rest of your portfolio.
Do you have other projects that speak to the sporting goods area of focus?

If you do, and it’s good, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
I would however, also consider a way to get these two areas to mingle.
Maybe a lightweight commuter that considers the needs of outdoor recreation. Basically a smart car that could accommodate a mountain bike or kayak, or had incorporated storage areas which were backpack modules or something funky like that.

good luck

i wouldnt really call it fear, but yup, your major project is a good opportunity to work on something that will bring you closer to the industry you want to work in. its usually one of the very few projects that you can choose what to do, so i’d suggest doing something closer to your target industry. it will pay off in the long term vs. the short term fun of doing a car or something else.

that being said, its also true that good design is good design. ive had many people interview with me for footwear positions that had no footwear design, but excellent work in other CE products, and it translates enough through skills (thinking, sketching, doing) to make it work.

still, if everything else is equal and you have a choice, it cant hurt to do something more “on topic” to your aspirations.


Thanks for the input. I agree with what IDiot is saying that myabe it should be more driven to hold a pair of skis or something, and i realize this project is gonna be a great way to show my process and skills to employers. Thanks Again