Does your company pay for IDSA fees and conference?

My company doesn’t believe in the importance or relevance of my going to the IDSA conference (I’m a senior designer). They thought it was too expensive. (We are a fairly big corporation)
How many of you get sponsored for this? Does your company pay for the membership fees?
I would have loved to attend the conference but how? On my own expenses?
Basically my question is… Do you as a designer, feel supported by your company? If so, in what way?


my company paid the whole way, including daily expenses.

yours should too, if they consider you and your position to be a positive investment for the company.

All corporations set aside money for training, including conferences. Go talk to some people in other disciplines and find out what conferences or classes they’re taking. You should have the same benefit.

Money is set aside, however where I am at it is theoretical and it also has a real world limit (which seems to shrink each year). Three years ago, not a problem with ticket, flight, accom., car and expenses. This year I might get a room and the ticket but the flight, etc. would be my responsibility.

I would tend to think that a design consultancy would encourage their employees to attend by paying but as an inhouse design in a company where sales drives the bus, it is an entirely different story.

Throw a hissy-fit the next time one of the execs goes out to lunch, or has a sales meeting, or buys dinner.

That’s complete crap and, no offense, speaks volumes about your company. now, I could certainly understand if flying you out and all of the related expenses would be just too much of a hardship on your company. Times are tough. If people had recently been laid off or something, I would certainly think twice about asking. But just brushing it off is akin to them not taking your profession seriously.

Don’t pay your own way. I’m all for IDSA and the conventions are great, but not on your own dime (unless you are a freelancer.)

Have worked at 4 major companies. 2 reimbursed 100% of dues, and 2 50% of dues…Most of my ID friends get reimbursed for some part of their dues. Don’t understand why you wouldn’t get reimbursed!! The company can take it as a business expense.

Yeah, I feel that my company doesn’t take my work seriously, even though I design everything (from packaging to heat sinks) I can’t even get Moldtex books or Pantone chips, Let alone an ergonomic chair! I’m frustrated!
I feel that being the first designer at the company, I have to be patient ang go slowly but this is a publicly traded corporation so I’m sure there has to be a budget for us. I have incorporated another designer/model maker and an engineer and we are getting there but how can I REINFORCE the importance of design support!
I like the products we design, we can make a difference environmentally and everyone is extremely nice but as a designer I feel pinned down to a chair with no creative influence, that is why I feel the need to be part of conferences and trade shows.
Is it just me in this position?

im a chapter chair, and my company doesn’t contribute squat.

it can be summed up in two thoughts.

my company is cheap and doesn’t consider me or any other individual important.

second, as much as we have advanced the understanding of design here, they still know about as much about design as a 3 year old comprehending astro-physics.

I recently dropped my IDSA membership because the costs are too high and other than the occasional magazine they do very little. My previous employer could care less about having people go to conferences and would have laughed in my face would have asked them to pay my dues and conference fees.

The last trade show they sent me to required that I buy my own ticket (southwest) and find someplace to stay. Luckily I had family in the city where the event was being held so it wasn’t a problem. They paid for my pass into the show (probably $25 or less) and told me to take lots of photos (with my own camera) and bring back lots of materials (ie. pay for shipping of what I couldn’t carry on the plane). They’re such a joke. Thank god I don’t work for them anymore.

my boss is the same thing!!! OH BOY, do we work in the same place!?

My co will reimburse each designer up to 250$ for any membership or subscription per year
I use miles for free airfare to conference, and sometimes get free hotel via loyalty points. Presenters at conference get discount, so net cost is reasonable: 1-2k.

As times are tough and money is tight I wouldn’t think of going
someplace by plane if it isn’t mandatory.

But for a senior position in any branch of the company it would be perfectly normal, that
there is a budget for business expenses and one for further education. In some companies,
I know, senior staff even has to book a fixed set of hours into training (of your liking) every
year. It is seen very critical, that the most important players in the team do the least training
due to time constraints.

Not having a budget at all for training sounds very unlikely to me. Talk not only to your direct
boss, but to human resources as well.

yours mo-i