does UC emphasize on art enough?

I’ve been looking into UC and it has a great co-op program which will be great for employment but it seems to be lacking on the aesthetic point of view. I want to be an artist/designer not a scientist. What other schools out there emphasize the design aspect and also have good career connections?

what is enough?

as far as job connections, none are better, but I’d guess Art Center - particularly in trans. Same for CCS. Many schools may have particular corporate or regional connections - what kind of work do you want to do?

UC teaches alot of aesthetic work. But they also teach of alot of theory, technology, professionalism, and conceptualization. Wherever you go you will need al of these. I go to UC and I have learned a lot about aesthetics. Your learning experience is based on where you want to direct it. Thats the great part about co-ops you can do whatever you want. Wouldnt you prefer to get a wide range of education and then make your decision. Your development is based on your dedication. the only thing I will say about the other schools is that they have professionals come in and teach. While UC does this, I know that other schools like San Fran and Otis and Art Center and CCS have alot of professionals that come in and teach. Work experience is key though. You truly learn more on co-ops than in school.

Im curious how you came to the conclusion that UC produces students that are more scientist than designer. True you do graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design but that really has very little to do with the range of education you recieve.

I am a senior at UC
check here to see my portfolio:

I wont say that UC is the best school you could go to but I dont want you to have the wrong impression. i remember when i went to look at design schools I was pretty cocky and took everything at first glance. If you want to know what a school is like dont ask the professors, ask the students (preferably the upper classmen) we will tell you the truth.

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I was impressed by your portfolio. I guess first impressions of UC threw me off that’s why I was asking about it. It seems more financially saavy to go to schools in ohio or michigan. and i have been hearing quite a lot about the co-op at UC. I would like to dialogue with you further about the school if i could but you’re link was to a pdf file so i couldn’t find your website to email you.
tell me a bit about the school from your perspective
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nobody special:
i am really not to sure where i want to focus i’m thinking either product design or furniture. i’m not really a car guy. i have some ideas but not enough to let it be my major. i want to focus a bit on developing pieces that don’t completely deplete our earth, environmental things that and just make some products for the home that really bring life into it. i’m still pretty new at this field and learning every day from just research and daily feeling overwhelmed. but i am excited to start.

Just curious. I only see 2 physical models in your portfolio. Do you guys do much of that?

We generally make 1 physical model per quarter. Sometimes not full scale. Since I’ve been there I’ve built a full scale chair, powertool, handtool, light, and will be building several prototypes for thesis along with a 1/6th scale workstation 3 1/5 scale chairs along with an aesthetic and structural full size mock-up for the chair. That is quite a bit of hands on work within the 4 years I’ve been in school.

Hope that helps

Hey Sonny and Mr Cow,
Sorry i havent replied back in a while; work has me under the gun.

I have alot of things to still add to my portfolio that I did last quarter and other quarters that are still in storage or that i am still working on. The other UCer (m@?) pretty much explained it though. We do alot of model work.

Sonny… if you are interested in sustainable design I would suggest reading reading reading…
books like:
cradle to cradle, biomimicry, ishamael… Im sure the other UCer can add more to this list if it is who I think it is…

But my advice is to educate yourself as much as possible because while there are ways to make better products no one knows how to make every product more sustatinable and what is the best way to do it. We are pioneers in this field and have to learn alot from each other. I will look for the names of more books though i fear that since I am on co-op my list from my sustainable design class in my sister’s garage right now.

But if you are interested in sustainable design UC has a sustainable design class plus the opportunities and the resources for research in that area. I dont know who is the best in that area but a professor named Dale Murray is the professor for that class. if you visit there again be sure to look him up. Im sure he will take time out to talk to a forward thinker like yourself or anyone interested for that matter.

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ok, stupid question here, but what school is CCS?

College for Creative Studies in Detroit